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Cake Delivery

Making cakes and pastries is a tradition as old as humanity itself. We bake cakes to act as centrepieces for grand celebrations like weddings and birthdays, we give pastries as warm, heartfelt presents to our loved ones, and we share these with other people to gain a sense of goodwill and belonging towards them. 

The taste and quality of your cakes depend upon two things: the experience of the bakers who make them, and how much care was put into it. At Bellton Patisserie, we strive to give you only the best cakes, pastries, cookies, macarons and more, giving you a unique tasting experience each time you buy from our online cake shop. 

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Where can I buy cakes in Singapore?

Definitely at a cake shop or online cake shop in Singapore. Get your cake delivered with Bellton Patisserie! We deliver islandwide for a fee of $10!

What if there is / are any changes to my delivery location or order?

Please do contact as ASAP if you have entered an incorrect address or any changes to your order. Customers can contact us via email at or directly whatsapp the number provided below.

How do you normally package your cakes?

Our cakes are delivered to your doorstep in different packagings. Our 15cm(~6-inch) cakes come in a plain white box with orange nylon tie while our 18/21cm(~7-inch or 8-inch) cakes come in a brown kraft box with orange nylon tie. Cookies, Macarons and other products will come in a clear plastic bag

Do you prepare and deliver birthday cakes as surprises?

Yes! We do deliver birthday cakes. In fact, most of our orders are gifts from senders to surprise their recipients. We can even add a small handwritten message along with the cake, simply indicate it in the notes section and we’ll arrange for it.

(If the Cake is meant for a surprise, it would be great if the recipient information is entered under the delivery information and the sender’s information is entered under the Billing Information. This is to avoid us ruining the surprise cake delivery)

What is the most common round cake size?

At Bellton Patisserie our cakes come in 3 different sizes - 15cm (~6-inch) , 18cm (~7-inch) , 21cm ( ~8-inch). The recommended serving sizes for our cakes are
15cm (~6-inch) serves 4 - 5 pax
18cm (~7-inch) serves 6 - 8 pax
21cm (~8-inch) serves 8 - 12 pax
* Do note that the above serving sizes are estimates. Some cakes do come shorter in height that can accommodate lesser numbers

Which birthday cake would you recommend based on the taste?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We recommend going for the preferred flavour of the individual whom the cake is for,

For those that love chocolatey tastes, we highly recommend our chocolate praline cake, which has a generous layer of rich chocolate and crunchy feuilletine that's sure to delight any chocolate lovers. Our Chocolate Desire is also a good choice that has a slightly bitter-sweet taste profile

If he/she prefers a fruity flavour, our Mango Mousse cake will be recommended. Its Moist Sponge base topped with creamy mango mousse exudes a tangy and refreshing flavor

If you are an adventurous soul, you can try out our Chrysanthemum tea cake which has a sweet herbaceous flavour

What are the available payment methods?

We accept payments via Credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS etc.) and PAYNOW.

Is there self-collection?

Yes, we do provide self collection at our premise. Do proceed to checkout and select the pick-up option and we’ll send you detailed collection instructions one day before your selected date.

Can I order and send a birthday cake to someone?

Yes, of course! You’re able to order one of our cakes and send it as a birthday cake. Be sure to include the recipient particulars in the shipping address section and your particulars in the Billing address so we’ll know it’s a gift! Cakes such as our Mango mousse cake, Matcha red bean cake or Raspberry lychee rose makes a great birthday cake.

How much does cake delivery cost in Singapore?

Delivery cost would vary between shops, at Bellton Patisserie we charge a flat rate of $10 per location (excluding Sentosa island and Tuas). Be sure to check out our Chocolate praline and Raspberry lychee rose which are our Best sellers so far!

Can cake delivery charges be waived for a minimum order?

Yes! we do offer free delivery for orders above $100.

Do you offer a cake wholesale discount for bulk orders?

Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts for bulk orders. We do update our online store promotions for customers to enjoy discounts! Be sure to check us out when you need a cake and you’ll might be in for a surprise