Single-size tray cakes to suit all your gathering or event needs

The burdensome task of organizing a gathering or event always lands you with many critical decisions to make – To self-prepare your own food and drinks, or to simply order from a catering company. Even so, picking from the never ending list of selections is always tricky, what with the various halal or even vegetarian considerations! Most of the times, after much effort, you find yourself deciding on a catering package that leaves you with a selection of scrumptious hot dishes, but more often than not, you end up with wholly underwhelming cold liquid traditional desserts that tend to be unpopular with the young ones. Well, while desserts are not mandatory dishes, having some delectable ones will be sure to spice up the mood, scoring smiles on the faces of your guests. So why not set aside some budget for quality desserts from Bellton Patisserie!
Bellton offers a unique Tray range that is unlike the conventional round cakes, the tray cakes are the perfect size to accommodate groups of up to 20 people. The cakes come in 15 different flavours, including Matcha Red Bean and the Chrysanthemum Tea cake, so you are guaranteed to find something you like.
If you’re looking flavour that is popular with the young and old alike, the Matcha Red Bean cake would be a great choice. The cake carries a light and aromatic flavour of the Matcha sponge that is sandwiched between a mixture of fresh beaten cream and Azuki Red Beans. The mild sweetness of the red beans coupled with the Matcha sponge is a perfect combination and highly recommended for events with guests of varying age groups.
At Bellton, we always attempt integrating familiar flavours into our pastries. A prime example is our Chrysanthemum Tea tray cake that has recently been released. The cake is assembled with White Chocolate Mousse that is infused with natural Chrysanthemum flowers to achieve the sweet and herbaceous flavour. Chrysanthemum flavoured sponges separates the layers, resulting in a soft yet spongy texture. The cake will be a great addition for your guests to feast on after a scrumptious meal and is highly recommended for tea lovers.
More flavours will also be released in the coming months, so make sure you stay connected with our Facebook and Instagram pages.
The most special thing about our Tray range cakes is its size and customizability that is able to cater to different group sizes and needs. Prefer a buffet-like cut for a larger group? Choose the “bite-sized” option which totals to 99 pieces per tray that is a perfect bite sized treat to finish the meal. Or if you prefer a larger slice so to plate elegantly for your guest, choose the “palm-sized” option that gives you 33 slices of perfectly crafted cakes that fits a dessert plate. The single tray size could ultimately be less expensive, and more flexible in servings.
Nevertheless, if you require a smaller cake for your event 18cm, 21cm, and 24cm round cakes are also available that is able to accommodate 17 pax and below. Just select cake and cut requirements, and we’ll settle the rest!
Besides cakes, Bellton also provides other intricate desserts which you can put together on a personalized dessert table. Pastries like Cupcakes, mini Swiss Rolls and Macarons that come in a variety of eye-pleasing colours are available your you to choose from.
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